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TRIAD Original Paintings


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Triad Paintings: Two of these three
Original Paintings are available!

Mystical, visionary paintings!
They enrich every environment!

 They make extraordinary gifts
for a loved one or yourself!



   Brigitte's *ADA*ART*  
is now available on a variety of exquisite products!
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Interdimensional Artgallery.
"Orbs: What's going on" - A Conference in Sedona May 4 - 6, 2007


Mary Magdalene, Peter and Judas
These lectures are a "Must" for those who are ready to have eye-opening information about these three companions of Jesus.
Dr. Miceal Ledwith is brilliant in his presentation!

The Three Turbulent Companions of Jesus:
with Dr. Miceal Ledwith
, L.Ph., B.A., L.D., D.D.

Painting: Bellini's view of Mary Magdalene. Gallerie Dell'Accademia, Venice


Recommended DVD of the Month!
Product Description
How Jesus became a Christ" is the second DVD in the "Deep Deceptions" series. The series set out to ascertain answers to what he calls, "The Four Great Questions" about human destiny: Who Are We?; Where Did We Come From?; What Should We Do?, and What May We Expect After Death

How Jesus
Became A Christ



Two Paintings by Brigitte *ADA*
as Book Covers of Two Ramtha Books!


CLICK on each picture to order
the Book in German from

Read more about the Artist
Brigitte *ADA* and her Art!



Personal Paintings

Brigitte created personal paintings for grown-ups and children; sometimes just based on a photo or a name.

Her paintings have been placed into healing places like clinics and public places like galleries, stores and restaurants, and last not least her visionary art was chosen as book cover design.

If you would like to have a painting created for you - also as a tool to focus your mind on a specific intent or goal, please contact Brigitte:

Read more about Personal Paintings

Take a look at Personal Paintings



A Royal, Timeless Lifestyle

Fleur-de-Lis Jewelry,

Apparel and Accessories,
Designer Baby Apparel, Chandeliers, Furniture,
 Home and Garden Decor, Perfume and Body Care,  Disney Movies, Books,
Gourmet Food and much more

Gifts for 
All Occasions!

The Charme and Radiance of the Fleur-de-Lis
Brings Beauty to all Life!


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Books - Film - Music -
Jewelry -
Home and Garden Decor - 
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      Featured Painting of the Month     

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      Two Gift Ideas 

Ramtha: Create Your Day

A DVD that will change your life!


"Beyond the Light Barrier" - Buy from 

Elizabeth Klarer's life story. About her contact with a ship in 1956, meeting a man from another planet, their love and their child. Her invitation to visit that planet. First published in 1977. With photos including from the ship. Also available in German. Hier finden Sie die deutsche Ausgabe: 
Jenseits der Lichtmauer   


"Alchemy"                                                                          "Breakthrough"

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 Music from "A Summer Dream"-Click Here to Buy

   "The greatest of things are achieved
in a light heart"
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