Thanks and Acknowledgements


My Thanks

... to these beautiful Beings of impact in my life ...

My thanks to my beloved husband Natale Tomassini - Our journey together is a blessing beyond words. It is love and evolution at its best. Our union has indeed been planned in heaven, on the "Plane of Bliss" - as our teacher calls it. The magnificent possibilities of our future now are more than wonderful, they are bliss made manifest.

My thanks to my precious parents - My love and gratefulness is simply forever.
Without our parents, we would not have a physical body to evolve on this plane - that alone is something everyone should always be grateful for - just think about it for a moment ... no matter what your personal relationship with your parents may be: you wouldn't be here, if they hadn't created the body for you!
My thanks to Ramtha, an Ascended Master, who I had been waiting for since I was a child and who I recognised the moment I heard his name. He was my adopted father 35 000 years ago. I was one of those over 100 children who came to him on his march in a variety of circumstances.
Now he brings hope to this world by giving us long lost knowledge and providing the training and opportunity to become this knowledge. Everything he does, all the knowledge he gives us, is all meant to remind us of our innate greatness, is to wake us up into our intrinsic connection to the God Within us. He is the absolute reflection of our God Within. It's never about worshipping him, it's always about finding and reawakening to the love and the power of the God within us. We'll never become great as long as we worship something outside of us. That is the difference between a self-involved idol and an evolution inspiring ideal. Ramtha's message has always been: "Behold God! It is within you!"

To me, he is the most wonderful teacher, actually the greatest teacher on this planet. And no matter who is invited to our School (RSE) in Yelm to give lectures and present their marvellous books and scientific ideas, I always witness how startled they are about how much we know in this school. It shouldn't come as a surprise anymore that we know things years before anyone else knows it.
The bar is set very high, when you are taught by someone who has "ascended", meaning, that person didn't die in his lifetime, and has gone all the way where we still want to go. Ramtha did it! He knows how to do it! And he is now teaching us the long lost knowledge which had been taught in Ancient Schools of Wisdom!
Such a being is obviously someone, who does not live with us in the same box of limited human understandings and human flaws and frailties and doesn't need anything from us. What could we possibly have, that such a sovereign mind would be in need of  - nothing!

This School may not be for everyone, and that's alright! And those who are in the School - each of them is applying the knowledge based on their own choices and in their own pace. So never judge the knowledge that's being given by what any human chooses to do or not to do with it! However, the results are undeniably there, when we do apply it!
Evolution is an individual journey, and just as in any other school, to the degree we put our mind into it, we progress ... we are entitled to our own journey, our own choices, and when we fall and bruise our knees, well, then we gain the wisdom, get back up, and do it differently next time, based on the wisdom we've gained. Just because we didn't do it, doesn't mean, it can't be done. There is always the one who did accomplish and if one could do it, everyone can do it.

I am privileged, honored and grateful beyond any words, that I have frequency specific the Ram in my life - - and there is nothing else I would rather do, nowhere else I would rather be, than here in this mind-expanding school of super-knowledge, and become a better, greater, happier, wiser person because of it, with an ever-increasing all-encompassing love, and with an ever-evolving understanding of the greater tapestry of my life and all life! To have an ascended being as your teacher is the greatest reflection one can wish for - it is a reflection of what each of us really is and what we can regain once more - our divinity.
My thanks to JZ Knight, who has made the utmost difference in my life and in the life of countless others by allowing the Ram to teach us through her body - it's a gift to us that's simply priceless. It's a phenomenon that startled scientists. Click here for the scientific test results that were obtained during a channeling process.

However, besides the grand service of channeling Ramtha, JZ Knight also deserves the highest of respect for her own personal work as a student of Ramtha, because her life reflects the impeccable application of great knowledge.

Her own evolution is an inspiration for every human being and brings hope to us all. This is a woman with shining wisdom, with a great mind and immense fortitude. A woman who has always loved God, a woman who truly has a lot to share, for when we turn knowledge into truth through our own experience and live this knowledge and change courageously despite of the opinion of anyone around us, then we deserve that our voice be heard and that our light shines.

JZ Knight is such a being in her own right. She is a genius. She is amazing, and when she shares her knowledge and wisdom ... it is breathtaking. Everyone who ever comes in contact with her is blessed in many wonderful ways.
My thanks to everyone whose path and mine have met at some point in time. To all of you! I bless you all ... hasn't it been great! And ah, the greater is yet to come!
... And simply - to you in all times and all places - my thoughts go out to you!

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My Thanks 

... to the following creators of beautiful designs, art, photos and music,
which they graciously allowed to be used ... 

  Laurie StetzlerFine Art Jewelry. Unique, high quality sculptural jewelry. Custom design work available. Rare gemstones. Model making for the trade. 
Her "Dancing Unicorn", as Laurie named it, is the most beautifully crafted Unicorn I have ever seen, and it is shown in its silver glory in the header and throughout  this website.       

Pamela's Fairy Images.   



 Shirley Cason Music. Click on the link for more info about her beautiful music and to buy. Free website tools

"Free Gifs & Animations"

Hubble Heritage and Nasa Deep Space Photos Free website tools and clipart

The Woodshed's Christmas MIDI page -

Lofty Heights of Beauty and Inspiration.  Enjoy!
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