Personalized Paintings

Personal Paintings

They make a most personal gift for yourself and for those you love.
They are uniquely created for you and are one-of-a-kind.



The Eye of the Observer

Although the above paintings are a selection of personal paintings, their message may hold a meaningfulness for you as well, because they may reflect a specific time or place or a frequency that may also have something to do with you. So if you feel drawn to a painting, you may want to pay attention to that, don't just disregard it. You may want to take the time to look at them in a quiet moment and allow yourself to experience them with the eyes of a detached observer.

I recommend this not only for Personal Paintings but for the enjoyment of all of my interdimensional paintings.

Art as a Blessing

Personal Paintings can relate to something that we want to complete and turn into wisdom, and/or Personal Paintings oftentimes can also be a message from the future.

In any case, a Personal Painting is created to assist a person to evolve into remarkable potentials that are waiting to be experienced.
A Personal Painting is a visual inspiration to dream of one's own fabulous possibilities and to move forward into the exciting adventures of making known the Unknown.

A Personal Painting is intended to give you a greater view of the meaningfulness of your life, and of yourself. It is intended to uplift and encourage and bring you nearer to the greatness that is within you.

One painting, for example, was commissioned by a Clinic in 1993. In this case, the focus was of course on the healing and well-beingness of all people in that clinic.

Making Known the Unknown  

Whatever appears on the canvas of a Personal Painting is not up to me!
I simply focus on the person and let the painting flow "out of my hands".  I have no preconceived idea on what the painting will look like! It's an unknown that's being made known through a trance-like focus on the individual entity while I paint!

I have always been greatly aware of the responsibility involved with the creation of such Personalized Paintings and I reserve the right to decline a request for a Personal Painting. Please do not be offended if that happens - it is very rare.

Interdimensional Art as a Tool to Focus Your Mind

If you desire a painting as a tool to focus your mind on a specific intent or goal I would gladly create that for you.
What is the difference to the Personal Paintings which I described above?
Above I described that I will focus on the person for whom the painting is created. If you however would like a painting that holds the frequency and information of a specific thought/theme/title then my focus is on that thought. For example, if you would want a painting called "Joy".

Inspiration from Outside of the Box  of One's Own Personality

We humans seem to get stuck a lot in the program of the personality that we had meticulously created before our incarnation. The soul didn't intend for the personality to stay unchanged for a whole lifetime.
The plan was to be born with those personality traits that we would have to complete and conquer within us, and then be free from those attitudes, those emotional addictions, stop aging, and have an amazing Quantum Field of unlimited possibilities in front of us to make known the Unknown - NOT continuing the same old feelings again and again. 

The tricky thing here is however, that once we have incarnated, we identify ourselves almost completely with that particular personality. We get addicted to its pains, loves, hates, insecurities, in short its perceptions, and most people may not even know, they can change. Knowledge has been missing on this planet for a very long time. Now we have lost and struggling people, who don't even know anymore why they chose to be born. TO CONQUER YOURSELF (not the others) and then move on to greener pastures!

A Personal Painting which has been created especially for you and your joyful evolution, your wellbeingness, carries indeed very lofty frequencies which you will be surrounded by and which you'll have as a beautiful visual in your environment. It will enrich your life and will bring something of your own mystical nature closer to you.
The lofty/high frequency of these Personal Paintings, as well as ALL of my Interdimensional Paintings, is highly supportive of anyone's intent to live a radiant, vibrant, abundant and joyful life.

Steps to Order a Personal Painting

Please contact me if you are interested in a Personal Painting for yourself or if you want to commission a Personal Painting as a truly personal gift for someone you love.

If you have a company and want a Personal Painting as a visual expression for the intent and the magnificent destiny of your business, I would love to create a painting for you as well.

For a Personal Painting for yourself or a friend, I am asking you for the name and a photo of the person for whom the painting is created.  All information is kept absolutely confidential and the photo will be returned after completion of the painting.

For a Personal Painting for your company, I am asking for the name of the company and the purpose of your business.

For a Personal Painting on a specific thought/frequency, for example "Joy", you simply let me know which thought, idea, frequency you want to have expressed as a painting.

Be in Love With Yourself, Be in Love With Your Dream

These Personal Paintings have always been treasured by the recipients often with overwhelming response when they first set their eyes on them. They were deeply touched by their Personal Painting.


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 Do you already own one or more of Brigitte's Paintings?

If you own one or more of Brigitte's paintings and cannot find it displayed in our Silver Life Triada Artgallery, please contact her!  Thank you!


I want you to know that when I create a painting for you and in general,
I not only LOVE what I do,
I am also super-inspired and passionate about creating it,
it's an ecstatic state of mind and nothing else exists in that moment.


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