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 March 21-23, 2008 The Prophet's Conference, Palm Springs
Orbs: Interacting with Other Realms
with Dr. Miceal Ledwith

July 7-13, 2008 The Prophet's Conference, Glastonbury
Orbs: Interacting with Other Realms
with Dr. Miceal Ledwith

Spring 2008
Dr. Miceal Ledwith will be presenting the Orb Phenomena








Read Ramtha's explanation about Orbs! 
That's someone Who Knows! ....

Listen to Mike Wright's interview about Orbs from the "Beyond the Ordinary Radio" program.

Read M. Ledwith's latest book about Orbs!


Orb Entities

If you have never before heard of "Orb" Entities, well, then you will discover a whole new dimension of life that DOES exist and can be photographed.
"Orbs", in many cases are advanced beings from other dimensions and/or other star systems, however, they are also beings who we knew and who have "passed away". They have moved on to another realm, another dimension, another frequency, from which they can see us. Orbs can also be crafts and/or objects sent here for the purpose to observe us. Or - and now I may blow it - they may be us looking back at us from a future time, a future life.

All Orbs on my website were photographed by me with a simple 3.1 megapixels digital camera. Those photos which show me on a photo were photographed by my husband or by our friends. I have placed all photos in random order into the album which you can see further down on this page. The photos that I have displayed are only a small selection. I have a large number of orb photos archived.
Do respect the copyright - if you want to use my Orb Photos simply send your request to me at

If it is difficult for you to think that Orbs are real, then contemplate for a moment, if you will, what you may have looked like before you incarnated into this body of flesh and blood.

Worlds Within the Light-Spectrum
You must have come from somewhere before you decided to inhabit your current physical body, which vibrates at the frequency of Hertz ... what about if we ventured just a bit up in frequency within the light spectrum, for example, infrared, could it be possible that you would still have a body, however, now it would be a body made up of the frequency of infrared, or the visible light body, and so on, all the way up the stairway of the light spectrum. 

It's really quite logical, all that seems to be invisible to us, is simply vibrating at a different frequency and we have not activated that part of our brain yet in order to see so-called invisible worlds. Once we activate that part, we can communicate openly with worlds that vibrate at different rates, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet blue, gold, and up.
The movie "Ghost" has demonstrated this point.
And there is something else you should know about this magnificent Orb-mystery...

Distinguished Guests

When you start the communication and start to take pictures hoping that they may appear on your photos, it becomes obvious that it is their CHOICE when they appear to you! And often that point is made quite clearly when you take a series of photos of the same location within seconds. You'll have photos with hundreds of orbs and on the next photo one second later, there is not a single orb to be seen and then again on the next photo you discover again hundreds of orbs. They appear and disappear based on their own choice. Just when you invite guests over ... they may come or may not come.
When these beings come to you, you should honor them like distinguished guests, because they found it worth their while to show up in your reality.
It is up to us to open our mind for communication with them. There is nothing eerie about it, it is only an Unknown to the current state of mind of humanity. Just because most humans can't explain it, does not mean it does not exist. Unfortunately we often have to first overcome a great deal of fear of the Unknown, and that has been programmed into our minds through very low frequency fear-and- violence-based entertainment and stuffy religious dogmas, which should have been outgrown a long time ago.
If you would like to take a look at the result of a question/answer communication between me and the orbs, please click below on Orb Gallery 2 and scroll all the way down on that page.


We Don't Know It All Yet

So please, let's get mature and let's start to approach fabulous worlds of greatness with an intent of a mature approach, meaning, an open mind and the attitude that maybe we don't know it all yet, because if all we know so far was really all there is to know, then how can we explain the vastness of space and the vastness of the world of the tiny, the Quantum World, where all things exist simultaneously.
Indeed, we don't know it all yet! What a refreshing realisation, because, let's be real here, what we as a humanity so far know and what we so far advertise as fully established "truths" is a very pitiful picture, a very very pitiful picture. It leaves no room for potential greatness in us. Not many people are truly happy people either!
The lights of divine beings have become dim. Ignorance now rules and a fear of the Unknown, instead of a zesty interest of experiencing grand unknown adventures! We live through movies and movie heroes, instead of being the hero of the movie of our own life!

No, if the way in which humanity lives in our times was really all there is to life, then a future would only be more of the past, wouldn't it.... maybe the wrapping paper would change, meaning cars instead of carriages, electricity instead of oillamps, but the basics of people's mind is still the same... and the driver of the car and the coachman are still governed by the same emotions.
If it hadn't been for a few geniuses, who brought some technological changes, humanity would still live in caves. The living style has changed, the emotions haven't. So yeah, maybe it would be safe to say that we just don't know it all yet ... with this type of open mind we would at least give ourselves and our children the option of discovering that there is really more to life, and that the future does not need to be more of the past. It can be a true future based on a new mind. 


Wuerzburg, Germany, May 2006

 Our Current Way of Life
Requires only about 2% of our Brain

So again, please let's have a mature approach to life and please don't feel victimized about the fact, that we are not the only "intelligent" people in the vastness of all creation, especially when you take into consideration that we only  use about 2 percent of our brain capacity! What wondrous worlds of perception, experience and realities may await us, when we open up to the potential of the other 98 percent of our brain. The reality we wish for starts with us and no one else. 

Knowing that we use this little of our phenomenal brain and reducing our body to plain basic physical functions instead of relearning to use it as a spaceship, well, it might be wise, to remember that those "opinion formers" who ridicule greater models of thought outside of the 2 percent box of their brain's thought processes, that they just don't know it any better yet and that they might be too afraid than to allow anything that might rattle the box of familiarity. The space-age has come and it looks like many people are ready for true knowledge and do not want to follow anymore ridiculous models of thought that make us look like nincompoops to the rest of the billions of inhabited planets in our galaxy alone. 

We Are Creators, Not Victims

My teacher Ramtha tells us "conquer yourself". To me, that also means that I look at where my fears are and then make the choice to not allow them any longer to rule my life. Fears are an illusion, fears are the absence of knowledge. We are not victims, we are creators. Then why would we not want to start to create a reality that is just swell. It's really our choice. It IS our choice!

It is important what we think! It is important what we occupy our mind with, because that is what creates reality. Our unconscious attitudes and mindsets run our life until we become aware of them and are finished with them.

As observers of reality, of models of thought, we have to insist on our wonderful dreams with a dogged pursuit, and the experience will follow.

So why not start to insist on having the other 90 percent of the brain available to observe reality through. Why not start to insist on being a genius, on being healthy, on being happy, on having a great experience with orbs. Why not insist on starting every new day with the intent to make joyfully known the unknown and only expecting marvel and wonder and all things beautiful?

The orbs are real, and they are only the beginning of an adventure into a brilliant world of creation. We, as humanity, are now on the verge of waking up from a very constricted world of limitation.

We Are Gods Trying To Be Humans

As Ramtha has put it many times, we're like a caterpillar who is about to become a butterfly. And my teacher also tells us, that we are gods trying to be humans, and not humans trying to be gods. Well, that's a great thought to contemplate.

Just think about it for a moment: We had to learn to be a human, we had to learn how to operate this vehicle called our body. We had to learn how to walk, how to eat, how to talk, how to control our relief mechanisms, how to do any physical thing. And we learned it so well that we forgot completely where we came from and who and what we really are, because we now had become the body and were thinking as a temporal, helpless identity that seemed to be reduced to only a bodily, a physical life with all its hardships and opportunities.

There was of course a reason for all of this, but now it's time to wake up, because we've re-lived this limited existence over and over in lifetimes. It's time to move on! It's time to change! It's time to leave all these human dramas behind and retain their wisdom and explore great and fabulous Unknowns. It gets only better from here on out, it will not get any worse. 

The Orbs are a reflection of what we are also. And be happy if you have them on your photos because it says also something about the fact that the consciousness, that you are, has magnetised them. That says a lot about YOU.


Want to know more about Orbs? 
Here are three awesome sources of information!

Read Ramtha's explanation about Orbs! 
That's someone Who Knows! ....

Listen to Mike Wright's interview about Orbs 
from the "Beyond the Ordinary Radio" program.

Read M. Ledwith's latest book about Orbs!


At The Table in the Heavens

Wouldn't it be great, if one fine day, you and I, would sit at a great table in the heavens with a goblet of divine red wine, laughing about the dream of limitation we once seemed to be lost in, reminiscing, "Ah, it was great, and look how much wisdom we have gained from this entire experience, but I'm sure glad I woke up from it."

Now please take a look  and enjoy my

Photo Album with Orbs
and other Interdimensional Phenomena  
This page was last updated on Oct 30, 2009

Orb Gallery 1
Orb Gallery 2
Orb Gallery 3 Orb Gallery 4 

Birthday Party with Orbs, 
August 2007



Photos of Brigitte's Art
with a surprise appearance of Orbs



All Orb Photos are shown exactly the way I took them, unless I include them in a specific art design. 
Click here to view example.




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Winter 2005 Snowflakes and large Orbs
Song: Winter Skies - CD: Winter Morning
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March 21-23, 2008 The Prophet's Conference, Palm Springs
Orbs: Interacting with Other Realms

Spring 2008

July 7-13, 2008 The Prophet's Conference, Glastonbury
Orbs: Interacting with Other Realms


"Orbs: What's going on" - A Conference in Sedona May 4 - 6, 2007




                        Orbs and Raindrops












This is a Collage of two Orbs - More Info Here


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