Jesus' Hymn of Praise for Women

Hymn of Praise for Women

Photo © B. Silberhorn-Tomassini

Jesus' Teaching about Women:
(recorded in the Notovitch scrolls and also in Abhedananda)

Jesus said:
“Whoever respects not his mother, the most sacred being after his God, is unworthy of the name of son. 
 …Respect woman for she is the mother of the universe, and all the truth of divine creation lies in her. She is the basis of all that is good and beautiful; as she is also the germ of life and death…She gives birth to you in the midst of suffering. By the sweat of her brow she raises you, and until her death, you cause her the gravest anxieties. 
Bless her, and worship her, for she is your one true friend, your one support on earth…and in the same way, love your wives and respect them, for they will be mothers tomorrow, and each later on the ancestress of a race. Be lenient towards woman. 
For woman’s love enobles man, softens his hardened heart, tames the brute in him, and makes of him a lamb. 
The wife and the mother are the unappreciable treasures given unto you by God…Protect your wife in order that she may protect you, and all the family. All that you do for your wife, for your mother, or for a widow, you have done unto your God.”

I came across this beautiful and so little known teaching of Jesus through an
By Louise SaintOnge, Director of Marketing for MastersConnection, LLC

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