Three Triad Paintings Rich with Blessings

All three Triad Paintings tell magical stories of the Journey of the Gods - You. And behold! all three Paintings have a Happy End!

They tell stories of great adventures into the Unknown ... of once Great Beings who had incarnated into the Human Form and had then forgotten from whence they came and why ... who had forgotten who they really were and have been playing out for eons their delicious drama of being lost in unfinished emotional addictions.

Yet, the triad culminates in the apex, and that's where their destiny takes them ... after they renewed their conscious partnership with that which is called the God Within ... and in the twinkling of an eye their power and love is restored and hope and joy fills their reality, and ever so wise Beings now emerge from their human experience, and ah! sparkling doors to fantastic elsewhere open wide with the promise of ever greater adventures while forever intrinsicly connected to Home ... to the Apex ... to the God Within.

And what had seemed lost, was now found, and had never really been lost!

Such are the Stories of these three Triad Paintings and each one tells it in its own unique way.

Photo ©  B. Silberhorn Tomassini

May the Reality that You Create Be Magnificent.
May You Enjoy Making Known the Unknown in this Fabulous Year!

All the Best To You
Brigitte Silberhorn Tomassini

The Spirit of Christmas
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