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Art of Deep Mystery and High Frequency
Art that Makes You Dream

I welcome you to

Silver Life Triada



Sit back, relax, and let something wonderful engage your mind.
And may your reality blossom because of It,
for it is in the mind, where it all begins.

You will find here beautiful paintings,
lofty thoughts and concepts
that may make you wonder and may inspire you
to new and refreshing contemplations.

And because of that Silver Life Triada will assist you
to dream yourself into greater realms of reality.
Why would that be important?
And why the Triad? Why does everything seem to come together in the Triad?
Those contemplations are a marvellous key to a door
that leads to fabulous experiences.
You will also find an ever expanding presentation of beautiful gifts in our
Silver Life Boutique.
And all of these items are supposed to enhance your life
and nurture your body, mind, and soul, and - spirit.

You are warmly invited to visit often and discover what has been added.
From the moment I began creating this website in December 2004,
Silver Life Triada has been a passionate adventure into the unknown

and it will continue to expand into yet unknown areas. 
Indeed, it has been an adventure into the unknown, especially if you consider,
that I knew nothing about how to create a website.

However, this is indeed only the beginning - so much more is yet to come!
I've been loving this website into its existence in countless hours
in a place of no time.

At first sight, Silver Life Triada may seem to be exclusively about Art.
That is not so.

Silver Life Triada is about Mind.
It is about us as human beings and about our birthright to be great divine beings.
It is about hope, about knowledge, about evolution.
It's about the future now, the Great Life.
It's about sharing of my life,
of my journey, my story, my wisdom. 

It is about contributing to you, to the world, to life,
with the heartfelt desire to make a difference in my individual ways.

I've had a lot of questions about the mystery of life from early on. 
And nobody on the planet seemed to have an intelligent answer to those questions.
Answers that would go beyond conjecture and any belief systems.
So I waited ... 30 years of agonizing ignorance ... then it happened:
"When the student is ready the teacher appears."
And to my great relief and joy, 
The teacher finally appeared and knowledge came!

Thus my Interdimensional Art is only one aspect of a greater tapestry.
A tapestry, which is opening up for you like a scroll here at Silver Life Triada

So what is it ultimately about?

      Silver Life Triada     
is about the

 Interdimensional Art of Life
Presented to You with Great Joy

Brigitte *ADA* Silberhorn-Tomassini

I want to express my gratitude and love for simply the greatest teacher that this earth is blessed with. I have the privilege and honor to be a student of Ramtha in the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE), the school of ancient wisdom, the quintessential school of the mind, in Yelm Washington, which everyone who is interested can attend.

Why do I mention it this early on? Because it is the most defining and important part of my life, and nothing in my life is separate from that. It is ONLY because of the unsurpassed knowledge taught by Ramtha and because of the masterful training of the mind through various exercises, created and provided by Ramtha for so many years with ultrapatience, love and genius,... it is only because of that and because of my participation in it, that I have evolved into the greater being that I am now. 
My Interdimensional Art ONLY exists because I have learned a focus technique at RSE through which I could access the ability to paint by focusing on a thought/a concept, which then was simply flowing out of my hands. I didn't study art. I did not attend any art academy. I've been a professional translator for over twenty years and I had no conscious plans to ever start to paint.

I find it amazing, that the many paintings which have brought such joy, upliftment and inspiration to so many people since 1991 (as I have been told)  ...that these paintings would not have come into existence without my learning and training at RSE. To some people, to be an artist is a lifetime identity. To me, starting to paint was nothing but a side-effect of the quantum-changes I made, resulting from fantastic knowledge.

Photo (c) B. Silberhorn-Tomassini - Click on photo to enlarge

Knowledge, Practise, Experience
I know that I have had the most unique training/education over the past nineteen years that any human with a thirst for knowledge could wish for.
I am a student of the Great Work! I am changed, greater and wiser but still learning and changing into increasingly beautiful realms of mind and realities. Yes, there are - in my eyes - marvellous things I have done and accomplished - however, I am in transition. 

When we are given knowledge, it is nothing but a philosophy to us - until the day we personally experience it! Then it has become a truth for us, that nobody can take away anymore. Thus we are in transition: from the mere mortal to the initiate, to the adept, to the master, to the christ ... which I have learned from Ramtha is our greatest potential. It means God-Human fully realised.

God Within
Do I love God? Yes, I love God. It is the foundation of everything in and about my life. We, in this school are after the experience of what could be called the "God within". There have been plenty of philosophers throughout history. We humans now need to have the experience of genuine greatness, and we need to know, how to get there. We need to know now how exactly we can do the same great things and greater, as those Masters had told us we could do.  

Ramtha and Jesus
These Masters, like Ramtha and Jesus, are Beings who had incarnated as humans just as we have done. And in the course of their lives they experienced greater knowledge than what was commonly known at the time of their lives. After they had experienced it, they told us about it but there was hardly anyone who had the ears to hear or the eyes to see in those times. No real Master, meaning no really enlightened Being who has conquered their human limitations, will ever tell anyone to worship them! Ever! They did not want us to worship them, they always wanted us to
do "as they do and greater".
Ramtha who had lived 35 000 years ago as many of us have, came back in an unusual way to help us once again to awaken from our dream of limitation.

Photo (c) Brigitte Silberhorn-Tomassini

So yes, I've turned parts of that grand knowledge taught by Ramtha into my personal experience and thus it became my truth. I can tell you, these are precious pearls of wisdom well deserved through a focused march of conquering my limitations.
And then there is brilliant knowledge, which I am still in the process of experiencing and of making it my truth. That process is called "My Journey". You have yours in your life. Be aware, that your choices are very important. And the more knowledge we have, the greater our choices.

The Words of a Master are Stargates
The words of a Master, of those Beings who transcended death and ascended into greater realms of mind, their words are precious beyond anything you can imagine. They are the living word. They are stargates, they represent potential experiences. And if Jesus could have copyrighted his teachings, his words, they would have been preserved in their purity, and no human mind could have diminished their eternal meaning and value. His teachings were meant to wake us up into the reunion of the beloved God who is female and male and neither, and who is in every single one of us. Jesus taught quantum science but could only present it in metaphors to the minds of the people at his time. The words of a master will always challenge us to become greater than what our status quo of very limited knowledge made us believe we are.

We are Supposed to Change
However, it should be of great comfort that God is within and that our quest in life has always been about THAT. We all are the sons and daughters of God, we have always been loved by the God that Jesus spoke of, and our journey of making known the unknown knows no end. There is no end to Mind. There is no end to us, the Observer of the Quantum Field of Possibilities, the Observer of Reality. We are not the body.
We are the ones who inhabit the body, give life to the body and fill every cell of our body with the mind that we are, and we're supposed to explore the unknown - it will never get boring doing just that. It only gets boring living repetitive attitudes on and on and running in circles instead of shifting dimensional frequencies and bridging into worlds of fantastic elsewhere. Never settle for mediocrity. Always keep in mind that there is more to you than what meets the eye and don't be afraid to find it and to be it!

A Treasure Chest of Experiences
So I can share with you and pass on to you according to the level of my own personal learning and achievement and growth in my life. But I do know that I have become wise in many ways, and I've had a treasure chest of experiences of divine knowledge!
In other words I have had truly wonderful experiences, and when I share of their wisdom, you'll hear truth. And then there is that part, where I can make you aware of certain knowledge, that I may not have experienced yet or only partially, but am in hot pursuit of having the experience thereof.

What I can assure you of is, that you are visiting the website of someone who has a genuine interest in contributing to your life, to your evolution, to your upliftment through everything I am presenting to you on my website.

The March of 1000 Miles Begins with One Step!
If you want to learn what I'm learning, if you are curious why I am so passionate about this teacher and the knowledge that I have been taught since 1988, then go to my school's website and check it out for yourself. There is nothing like it anywhere else on the planet ... nothing.

Welcome! Enjoy!
I am overjoyed that you found Silver Life Triada! It's no coincidence - there are no coincidences. Welcome to your journey through my website. I'm honored you came.

© copyright Brigitte Silberhorn Tomassini, 2005. All rights reserved.

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